Thermic Fluid Filtration System

OIlman THERMOFILT is fitted in the thermic fluid return line by providing bypass isolation loop. This works on the return line pressure and also due to gravity.
1. Install the unit as per the instructions and drawings.
2. First time use 100/50 micron cartridge for few weeks.
3. When the cartridge is full, isolate the unit from main line.
4. Let it cool to operational temperatures.
5. Open, remove, wash and reinsert the same cartridge again. 
6. Remove the isolation.
7. Depending on the contamination clogging the cartridge repeat the steps 3 to 6 again and again.
8. If there is no deposit in cartridge change the lower micron cartridge (50, 25, 10 micron) and repeat steps 3 to 7.
9. The time taken for this cycle will depend on the contamination percentage and cleaning frequency.
1. Eliminates carbon deposition and fouling
2. Safer system, higher flash and fire points.
3. Piece of mind knowing fluid is managed in the line by THERMOFILT.
4. Low cost cleaning system.
5. Lowers downtime.
6. Increased flowability.
7. Increase thermal conductivity.
8. Lowers oil top-ups.
We also recommend to check the temperature at the expansion tank. If the temperatures are higher than 60 deg C you shall install Nitogen Gas Blanketing to avoid oxidation of oil (degradation of oil) and carbon sludge formation.
Our THERMOFILT-online isolated bypass filtration system comes with following :
MS powder Coated Housing with special design for easy collection and filtration of oil, collection tank, SS 304 micron cartridges (welded and reusable) 100, 50, 25 and 10 micron (any three).
Matching flanges for Outlet, Inlet and Drain 
Outlet and Inlet pipes
Drain pipe
The bypass line fabrication, isolation valves and stands are in your scope


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  • Production Capacity: 30 per month
  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks
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